Sunday, September 27, 2015

My Musings

Hearing political debates and interviews from various hopefuls gets me thinking. As I see in my generic big picture, the GOP would do away with Soc. Sec. That would be devasting to me and millions of those who rely totally on Soc. Sec. There would be deep cuts in entitlements that help the poor. Once again, corporations and the extremely wealthy would pay -0- taxes, while professing a huge tax percentage. On the other side, even the Pope admonished as a Biblical challenge, to help the poor and feed the hungry. While they may help the poor, their morality issues get an F-. Why should tax payers have to pay for abortions. Everyone has a choice, but I don't want to pay for your bad choices. In my estimation, sex should not be on a political forum. I don't give a hootif some man wants to be a woman, or a woman thinks she is a man. Don't flaunt it in my face, and expect me to give you any special preferences. Keep it in your own bedroom. What is this concept that we can speak of perversion openly, but we had better not mention Jesus. What has this world come to! I read about a time, in the not so distant past, that corporations shared huge profits with the employees. Not so today. The gap between the workers and the owner is great and getting greater. Employees work for minimum wage in a lot of places, while the corporation show huge, huge profits. That is the mentality of the country and corporations. I don't think of the American dream....I see the American greed. Maybe we need two presidents now. One to handle businees deals, and one to handle security. Or, perhaps our vice president should also be individually elected by the people for a job we want him to do, instead of being a runner up in a beauty pageant.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I believe in prayer. I just completed the Daniel Fast. I petitioned the Lord to free my children of their addictions. In earnest, I told the Lord to cleanse my home of all addictions. I prayed that he would cleanse me as well....I loathe usage of any form, but wanted a closer walk with the Lord. Sometime in that 21 days, I noticed I have not played my favorite Facebook game, Farmville, and my actual time on Facebook is about 5 or 6 minutes a couple of times a day.....not a couple of hours....Meanwhile, my children are still smoking....Back to my knees.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

This morning it was -2 degrees with a windchill of -15....that's negative 15...Brrrrrr. At 3:00 pm., it is only 14. It has been a beautiful day. The sun is shining, and I believe the term is: fair. We have snow cover, so it is WINTER. So many of our friends and acquaintances have died over the past year. A old friend Esther Johnson died suddenly in the night. It is getting quite disconcerting; we are both 74 years old.A fried of mine died of cancer a couple of years ago. Since then, my best friend, maid of honor in my wedding died this fall. She had cancer, but many other health issues were the cause, as the cancer was not life threatening at the time. Currently, 7 friends and acquaintances have cancer. We are living only by God's grace. March 7, 2014, my daughters apartment caught fire. Since then, she and her 2 children have been living with us. Skylar is 16. I can't believe he will be 17 on Feb. 7th. Austin was 11 July 10th. His Pappaw's birthday is the 15th. We have a big party. August 30th, my oldest son came home. He will be 48 Feb. 11th, sso there will be another party. Some may think our parties are boring, but there will be plenty of food, non-alcoholic drinks and laughter. My family is my life. I will have to admit, having a full house again is sometimes challenging, with so many personalities. In spite of that, hubby and I have thoroughly enjoyed having them here.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Creative dinners - haha

This winter we have been staying at home more. Mostly due to old age aches and pains, as well as distancing ourselves from sick people - ha!, I find myself thinking of things to cook. I miss going out to eat, but weight wise, it has been good for us. Come to think of it, the pocket-book has prospered as well. Trying to beat boredom in the kitchen, I remembered a dish that my grandmother made when I was kid. Hubby's mom made it as well after we were married. They must have made it for the middle of the week blahs. Cook onions, only until they were soft, then added hamburger. When done, be sure to drain it. If I am going to stay at home, I am going to try to be half way healthy at least. While the hamburger is cooking, boil elbow macaroni. Drain when done. When the hamburger is done, combine with cooked (drained) macaroni. Add a large can of tomato juice and a little bit of sugar to cut the acid. (tomato juice gives hubby heartburn). You can also add a little water to make as juicy as you want. The sugar must have worked, because he did not get heartburn. You can season as you like, salt, pepper, basil, etc. Recently, I see the health benefits of tumeric being touted, so I put a little on everything. I think it adds a layer of taste, but not overpowering. Anyway, let all of this simmer for awhile for the flavors to marry. It was a huge success. If you don't want to cook any other dishes, a salad will do just fine. We had enough to serve the second day, and Bill says it was even better. Well, that took care of a couple of days for one week. Now, what to cook tomorrow.

Webcam installed to capture activities in Hays eagles' nest

Webcam installed to capture activities in Hays eagles' nest

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I love FaceBook.  I can keep track of my kids, grandkids and many friends.  They leave many inspiring messages.   I am thinking of making some wreaths this spring.  You Tube is a wonderful school.  You can learn anything on you tube....even learn to play the banjo....hahaha.  I have been making very good new dishes and desserts.  My favorite recipe sites are: Sweet Tea and Cornbread; The Southern Lady Cooks; and, Just a Pinch.  I have been keeping busy with new dishes.  The family has enjoyed it.  My son is back from Myrtle Beach.  He is waiting on his job to open. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Busy, busy, busy.

Since my last post, a lot has transpired in our lives.  My dad's dementia has progressed to a point that my sister has moved in with him.  He can no longer live alone, and wants to stay in his own home.  Bill and I go down to relieve her so she and her hubby can have much needed time away from the house.  We are looking to hire someone to relieve us both so we can get some things done in our own respective home fronts.

Musically, Bill plays bass each Thursday night at a local high rise.  He enjoys that so much.  It is a good night of entertainment for the old folks.

Hubby is a leather craftsman and has made several guitar straps and Bible covers.  They are beautifully hand tooled and the Bible covers are laced.  That's where I come in....I do help with the  He has been selling the guitar straps for $45, but a man who has a leather shop out West told him he is in the wrong area.  Those straps in his area would go for $150- $200.  Wow!  We need to move, I think...hahaha...I did search the internet, and found a company who makes similar hand tooled Bible covers for $225, and hubby has been charging $65....I am raising to $  I will have to add a picture.

Monk (Anita's hubby) was burned while working at the hospital, and is recovering nicely.  They have had to make some trips to the Augusta, Ga. burn center.  I believe he has one  more trip to make, then followup visits will be in Charleston, SC.  Since they live in Myrtle Beach, that will be a much shorter trip.  The Lord surely was with Monk.  He has been in a lot of pain, but the worst is over, thank goodness.  All is going well, there will be minimal scarring.  He had to have grafts to the top of his head and on one arm.  His eyes are good, he did not lose vision, and after his face peeled and healed, all of the ladies are jealous.  He has no more

I was happy that my son Billy decided to come home and spend some time with the old folks.  Except for my Dad's condition all has been well.

The quartet is getting together and singing at a benefit for the Camden Temple Church on November 5, 2011.  That will be the first time we have sung since Oct. 31, 2010. Its nice to get together once in a while...we enjoy the singing with no pressure.

Our weekly Friday jams have been wonderful....we have lots of garage pickers, and Friday evenings are very relaxing with good music and refreshments.  The old garage seems to burst at the seams.   Its a good life.