Sunday, January 19, 2014

Creative dinners - haha

This winter we have been staying at home more. Mostly due to old age aches and pains, as well as distancing ourselves from sick people - ha!, I find myself thinking of things to cook. I miss going out to eat, but weight wise, it has been good for us. Come to think of it, the pocket-book has prospered as well. Trying to beat boredom in the kitchen, I remembered a dish that my grandmother made when I was kid. Hubby's mom made it as well after we were married. They must have made it for the middle of the week blahs. Cook onions, only until they were soft, then added hamburger. When done, be sure to drain it. If I am going to stay at home, I am going to try to be half way healthy at least. While the hamburger is cooking, boil elbow macaroni. Drain when done. When the hamburger is done, combine with cooked (drained) macaroni. Add a large can of tomato juice and a little bit of sugar to cut the acid. (tomato juice gives hubby heartburn). You can also add a little water to make as juicy as you want. The sugar must have worked, because he did not get heartburn. You can season as you like, salt, pepper, basil, etc. Recently, I see the health benefits of tumeric being touted, so I put a little on everything. I think it adds a layer of taste, but not overpowering. Anyway, let all of this simmer for awhile for the flavors to marry. It was a huge success. If you don't want to cook any other dishes, a salad will do just fine. We had enough to serve the second day, and Bill says it was even better. Well, that took care of a couple of days for one week. Now, what to cook tomorrow.

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