Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Crownsmen finally have a van!

Our gospel quartet has finally accumulated enough cash to purchase a short bus for travel. It is a good looking pre-owned bus. Some folks would probably think it not worth driving, but that '89 Dodge is a Mercedes to us. It runs good, and the State trouper who owned it says it is dependable. That's all we needed to hear. Now we can all ride together as a group and carry the equipment with us. We are all so excited, this is a big week for us. We have formed a LLC, purchased a vehicle, found insurance; oh the office was just buzzing today. Bill and I were very busy. I felt as if I was in the work force again...haha. (Except, this busy day was very beneficial, and there was a lot of praising going on.) I will post a picture when we finally get the vehicle in our driveway.

We have needed transportation for a while now, and we are so thankful that the Lord has provided our needs so that we can further our ministry. Praise His name.

You can view the Crownsmen's web pages at: www.americangospel.com/crownsmen and www.myspace.com/thecrownsmen.

God bless you 'til the next time.