Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Crownsmen finally have a van!

Our gospel quartet has finally accumulated enough cash to purchase a short bus for travel. It is a good looking pre-owned bus. Some folks would probably think it not worth driving, but that '89 Dodge is a Mercedes to us. It runs good, and the State trouper who owned it says it is dependable. That's all we needed to hear. Now we can all ride together as a group and carry the equipment with us. We are all so excited, this is a big week for us. We have formed a LLC, purchased a vehicle, found insurance; oh the office was just buzzing today. Bill and I were very busy. I felt as if I was in the work force again...haha. (Except, this busy day was very beneficial, and there was a lot of praising going on.) I will post a picture when we finally get the vehicle in our driveway.

We have needed transportation for a while now, and we are so thankful that the Lord has provided our needs so that we can further our ministry. Praise His name.

You can view the Crownsmen's web pages at: www.americangospel.com/crownsmen and www.myspace.com/thecrownsmen.

God bless you 'til the next time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This book is a documentation of the healing ministry of my Father and Mother Elder and Mrs. Clair R. Ruble. The book tells how they met, and tells how they gave their life to Christ. My Dad had many miracles in his revivals, and there are also testimonies from some of the folks. This book is a faith builder. It can be purchased at Amazon and Publish America.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mundane Monday

I feel as if I did nothing today. I went to art class where I have been working on a painting on a saw...a hand saw. My friend mentioned she would like to have her Dad's cabin on it, and I am attempting to do just that. My art teacher says it is looking good, but I am not conviced yet. I am my own worse critic.

It was drizzling rain off and on today, but the neighbors cut a large water elm tree down that was partially in our yard. I was excited to see where a squirrel may have hidden nuts, but the hole was not through the whole tree, just one low limb. I was told the tree was rotten, but it looked okay to me. I love trees and hated to see it go, even though it caused a lot of work in the Fall, and made it difficult to plant flowers due to the roots. I think I will plant a red maple, but find a better spot in the yard.

Since it was gloomy today, I cooked a Paula Deen entree after I came home from art class, and watched the activity in back yard for awhile. Cooking always cheers me up. I added tomatoes to my baked beans as she did yesterday on TV, and stewed a sirloin steak in a bed of onions and mushrooms. I thought it was good, but hubby sort of snarled his nose and asked me to quit making those TV recipes and cook my own. I am not sure if that was compliment or not. :-)

It is time to wind down tonight, time to rest, and get ready for tomorrow. Who knows what it will bring. Being retired, I will enjoy whatever it is.