Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Busy, busy, busy.

Since my last post, a lot has transpired in our lives.  My dad's dementia has progressed to a point that my sister has moved in with him.  He can no longer live alone, and wants to stay in his own home.  Bill and I go down to relieve her so she and her hubby can have much needed time away from the house.  We are looking to hire someone to relieve us both so we can get some things done in our own respective home fronts.

Musically, Bill plays bass each Thursday night at a local high rise.  He enjoys that so much.  It is a good night of entertainment for the old folks.

Hubby is a leather craftsman and has made several guitar straps and Bible covers.  They are beautifully hand tooled and the Bible covers are laced.  That's where I come in....I do help with the  He has been selling the guitar straps for $45, but a man who has a leather shop out West told him he is in the wrong area.  Those straps in his area would go for $150- $200.  Wow!  We need to move, I think...hahaha...I did search the internet, and found a company who makes similar hand tooled Bible covers for $225, and hubby has been charging $65....I am raising to $  I will have to add a picture.

Monk (Anita's hubby) was burned while working at the hospital, and is recovering nicely.  They have had to make some trips to the Augusta, Ga. burn center.  I believe he has one  more trip to make, then followup visits will be in Charleston, SC.  Since they live in Myrtle Beach, that will be a much shorter trip.  The Lord surely was with Monk.  He has been in a lot of pain, but the worst is over, thank goodness.  All is going well, there will be minimal scarring.  He had to have grafts to the top of his head and on one arm.  His eyes are good, he did not lose vision, and after his face peeled and healed, all of the ladies are jealous.  He has no more

I was happy that my son Billy decided to come home and spend some time with the old folks.  Except for my Dad's condition all has been well.

The quartet is getting together and singing at a benefit for the Camden Temple Church on November 5, 2011.  That will be the first time we have sung since Oct. 31, 2010. Its nice to get together once in a while...we enjoy the singing with no pressure.

Our weekly Friday jams have been wonderful....we have lots of garage pickers, and Friday evenings are very relaxing with good music and refreshments.  The old garage seems to burst at the seams.   Its a good life.