Monday, March 16, 2009

Mundane Monday

I feel as if I did nothing today. I went to art class where I have been working on a painting on a saw...a hand saw. My friend mentioned she would like to have her Dad's cabin on it, and I am attempting to do just that. My art teacher says it is looking good, but I am not conviced yet. I am my own worse critic.

It was drizzling rain off and on today, but the neighbors cut a large water elm tree down that was partially in our yard. I was excited to see where a squirrel may have hidden nuts, but the hole was not through the whole tree, just one low limb. I was told the tree was rotten, but it looked okay to me. I love trees and hated to see it go, even though it caused a lot of work in the Fall, and made it difficult to plant flowers due to the roots. I think I will plant a red maple, but find a better spot in the yard.

Since it was gloomy today, I cooked a Paula Deen entree after I came home from art class, and watched the activity in back yard for awhile. Cooking always cheers me up. I added tomatoes to my baked beans as she did yesterday on TV, and stewed a sirloin steak in a bed of onions and mushrooms. I thought it was good, but hubby sort of snarled his nose and asked me to quit making those TV recipes and cook my own. I am not sure if that was compliment or not. :-)

It is time to wind down tonight, time to rest, and get ready for tomorrow. Who knows what it will bring. Being retired, I will enjoy whatever it is.

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